Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek c.


Olya Mishchenko

I consider the event that led me to the Academy happy. The secret of what to learn here and serve as a model so pleasantly and healthy is simple enough: Young, creative and at the same time experienced teachers. They seem to create beauty in front of your eyes, drag you into this delightful process, infect with energy and love for your work. The work process is well organized by the team of administrators. Qualitative materials and equipment are used in the work. And, of course, a really benevolent attitude towards everyone who comes here! And in the end ... You feel like a special royal blood, crowned with a precious DIADEMA! Thank you very much! Good luck in everything!

14-12-2017 07:12

Chekirova Mahabat

I studied at the Academy of Beauty and Perfection Diadema. Teacher Tatiana Rassolova, thank you very much for your knowledge and practical advice! I did not want to leave. I wish you creative success and good luck.

14-12-2017 07:12

Shambetova Aliya Erkinbekovna

My best teacher and master is Krutin Danil Sergeevich! Thanks to Danil Sergeevich for the good and affordable training, after I got a job as a masseuse in the lady center of Aphrodite due to the acquired skills and knowledge became a professional ... In such a short time he taught me 12 types of massage ... Thank you again very much ... May God grant you good health, and prosperity ... Yours faithfully, your student Shambetova Aliya Erkinbekovna.

14-12-2017 07:12