Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek c.



Teacher of the Academy of Beauty and Perfection Diadema.
Practicing make-up artist - stylist. 3 years of experience as a teacher.
Possesses various methods of make-up, face-art make-up, pencil, shadow, watercolor, gel, mixed techniques. As a stylist creates thematic images in general. Cooperates with professional photographers and photomodels.
Author of the training program in the Kyrgyz language:
-basic knowledge of make-up artist
-self make-up artist
-brow modeling
Regularly raises skill level.
2015- diploma on "Fundamental knowledge of the basics of make-up and make-up design” from the international class coach Nadezhda Ayapova.
2016- International diploma on the passage of a master class from the make-up artist of international stylist Matilda Inozemtseva.
2016-International diploma on Professional base course makeup artist - stylist, First level in international class coach Matilda Inozemtseva.



“Eyebrow Master” course

“Visage” course